Enhancement WANTED in tenor and low bass!
We need you now!

Become a “Part of Us” and part of our completely new program. We look forward to meet you at our audition!

We don’t let anything stop us and of course we prefer to rehearse live. Since the health of our singers is important to us, we have also developed a very effective online concept (only available in German at the moment).


Please, don’t hesitate to write an email to us via to find an appointment. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Our Admission Team: Tim, Stefan, Beatrice (from left to right)

What we offer:

  • a modern, grooving a-cappella repertoire
  • a welcoming, warm, goal-oriented atmosphere at rehearsals
  • 1-2 expert workshops per year
  • 10-15 concerts per year
  • participating in competitions
  • a great community
  • visiting a cappella concerts as a group

What we look forward to:

  • active participation in the long term
  • flexible voice for both soft and stronger music pieces
  • an intuitive feeling for rhythm and groove
  • past experience from other choir and ensemble activities
    (preferably within Jazz/Pop/Rock)
  • self-reliant preparation of music pieces
    with notes and MP3 sound recordings


This is how our admission process works

  1. For your first audition, you are asked to prepare a Jazz/Pop/Rock/Soul song of your choice at home and to present it to the choir conductor. Prior to the audition, notes (in the right key) should be sent to us no later than one week before the date so that the song can be accompanied by piano. Otherwise, you are welcome to accompany yourself with piano or guitar, of course. Further skill tests will take place during the audition. Preparation will, however, not be necessary for these. Usually, an appointment for audition is scheduled after choir rehearsal to give you the opportunity to get to know the choir a bit, beforehand. In case of a positive first impression and interest from both sides another date is found for a second audition.

  2. In this second audition, it is tested how well your voice harmonizes with other singers of the choir. Prior to that, you will have the opportunity to practice a song that will then be performed together with other singers of the choir after rehearsal.

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